Sam’s Quik Shop’s history goes all the way back to 1946 when Carl Boy Sr. opened an Esso gas station along with his sons Carl Jr., James, and Sam. The Esso stood roughly where the carwash is today. In 1949 the Boy’s branched out and opened another business on the property, a drive-in grill known to this day as The Blue Light. The Blue Light enjoyed a long history through the 1950′s and 60′s when it would become a favorite hangout for Durham locals and Duke University students and athletes. It was in this period that Sam’s brothers moved away and Sam continued running The Blue Light with his wife Gerry, who he married in 1950.

The next chapter of the business began in 1974 when Sam and Gerry closed The Blue Light and reopened as a convenience store aptly named Sam’s Quik Shop. Sam and Gerry grew their business by carrying large varieties of goods such as newspapers, magazines, wine, and beer. They were also one of the first places to rent VHS tapes in Durham. By the beginning of the 90′s Sam and Gerry passed the keys to the family business to their son John who runs the store still.

Now, in the new millennium, Sam’s Quik Shop stands as the number one retailer of craft beer in North Carolina. We provide upwards of 1,500 different beers and carry a diversified keg, wine, and cigar selection. So come on down and say “hello”, while enjoying a pint from one of our twelve taps, and see why we’re still one of Durham’s favorite hangouts!